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My grandma is over ninety years old, but she is still very active. She enjoys her life every day as she goes through a daily routine that hasn’t changed for ages. That’s something I admire about her.

my grandma's

:Diary from an island:

Suo Oshima is a small island located off the coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

This island, a home to my younger sister, gives nothing but peaceful and tranquil vibes. The surrounding sea comes in your sight from anywhere on this island, and the ocean provides plenty of seafood. It may be inconvenient that there are no convenience stores in a 30-minute radius, but the time here is a pure luxury one rarely finds.


Shima diary


Plants are always strong. They keep thriving whether in a group or on their own.


:Gen Matsuda:

Documenting Gen Matsuda, a guitarist and my high school friend since 2008

Gen Matsuda

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:Grandma's shojin gohan:


:Matohu Nagagi Tea Ceremony:

June 2015 Matohu’s 10th anniversary tea ceremony with nagagi


:omoto's life:

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